These are the questions you must answer to create your London guide:

1. What is the colour of the buses in London?

2. Where does the Queen live?

3. Name three means of transport you can use in London (Add pictures).

4. What is the other name used to name the underground?

5. Write the name of three museums in London.

6. What is the name of the river you can see in London? Write the name of three bridges the river runs by.

7. What´s the colour of the telephone box in London?

8. Name two famous markets in London.

9. What is the name of the square you can find Nelson Column and four lions?

10. What is Picadilly Circus?

11. Name three parks you can visit in London.

12. What is Big Ben? Where is it?

13. Who are beefeaters? Draw one and describe it.

14. Name three typical dishes you can try in London.

15. What is the name of the British currency?

16. Name the most famous British detective.

17. Who wrote the Sherlock Holme´s stories?

18. Name and draw 3 items did Sherlock Holmes never leave the house without?

19. Where did this detective live?

20. Name the most important English rock band and its components. You can add pictures.

21. Name some songs they sang.

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